Adventure Of Humanity

The Adventure of Humanity Project was started by Michael Jackson and Nelson Mandela in 1999. Michel Jackson was doing two concerts, one in Seoul and one in Munich, where the proceeds was donated to Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, The Red Cross and UNESCO.

“What More Can I Give? On behalf of us all, I urge everyone to give what they can during these Concerts to help this charities continue their Life-giving work. My Thanks again to President Nelson Mandela for allowing his residence to make this announcement. I love you” / Michael Jackson

“This is an immense honor for me today to announce this project next to a man whose extraordinary courage and dignity has lit up the twentieth century in such a manner that he truly is an example to us all.” /Michael Jackson

The Legacy Lives On

After the two legends passed away, Richard Nilsson was in 2015 endorsed by Katherine and Joe Jackson (creator of the First Music Family in the World and father to his beloved son Michael Jackson) and HrH Chief Mandela (grandson and hier to the legendary President Nelson Mandela), to continue the Adventure of Humanity Project on behalf of the two families.

Today, Richard Nilsson is connecting world personalities who choose to lend their support to the Adventure of Humanity Project, so funds can be raised and donated to existing charity organisations in order to make sure they can continue their work. In the same time, The Adventure of Humanity Project continue to carry the message from the two legends and continue to spread the Love, Peace, Unity and Equality between all humankind.

Jermaine Jackson with Velazquez Maday and Richard Nilsson
Richard Nilsson with Joe Jackson and HrH Chief Mandela
Richard Nilsson and Jermaine Jackson
Richard Nilsson and Albert Konan Koffi
Richard Nilsson and HrH Chief Mandela

The Royal House of Mandela family and myself as the heir to the legacy of my grandfather, the former first elected President of the Democratic Republic of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, would like to thank you for the astonishing work you continue to do as part of the global community in keeping the legacy of my grandfather alive.

/ HrH Chief Mandela

Richard Nilsson and Joe Jackson

Richard Nilsson came to see me today as I lend my support to promote Love, peace and unity around the world with his wonderful Adventure of Humanity Project. I hope it is a wonderful success and I am proud of the wonderful work he is doing.

/ Joe Jackson

Silence For Non-Violence

Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee

On a Thread of Creation
In a Global Circle
A Pilgrimage of Silence
Seeking in Orbit
A Moment of Enlightenment
Of Peace and Truth
Within and Without

We are in the context of the world wide celebration of the concept of Satyagraha – truth and non-violence as experienced, experimented and lived by Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi. I wonder if at any time in the history of humanity, the philosophical and moral concepts of truth and compassion have been a subject of such collective and conscious celebration throughout the earth.

Gandhi belongs to the entire Humanity and his life, philosophy and thought will remain a constant subject of study, analysis and veneration as well as strong negative reactions.

The 2nd October – the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi – has been declared as the International Day of Non-violence by the United Nations. With the world wide reality of consciousness of non-violence, there are also the terrifying contradictions of the reality of appalling and environmental pollution, horrifying human violence and terror with the threat of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons and a global chain of sentimental fear.

Yet the strongest force is inherent in truth, courage and compassion that are the desperate need of today. The philosophy and the practice of non-violence and peace are needed for the very survival of life and environment now.

How do we observe with significance the 2nd October and accept the challenge of Non-violence at Individual and collectively levels?

Let us visualize a cosmic thread following from the wheel of eternity. This will be a flow of harmony that can orbit the Earth in 24 hours, starting at midday sharp of the 2nd October from Japan, and after 1 minute of silence and introspection by the humanity, it moves westwards to encircle the whole Earth in 24 hours. This can be a celebration of our consciousness for homage to non-violence in today’s context.

In the flow of this silence, through introspection, we, the children of Mother Earth, pay homage to the greatest spiritual and creative flows of man and nature, of past and present, which have kept the spark of eternal love still glowing in each one of us.

We have observed saving of electricity for one minute all over the world. A minute of silence will be a global moment of enlightenment.

Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee

Tara Gandhi and Mahtma Gandhi