Billie Jean

On the 18 of December in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Adventure of Humanity project was donating a litography of Michael Jacksons hand written Billie Jean lyrics. The lyrics was auctioned and the 12000 USD which was raised was donated in favour of three organisations: INCA (Institution that helps people with cancer), Ronald Mc Donald (helps children in need) and Retiro des Artistas (former artists who are in need and live there plus old and homeless people who does not have any family). Special thanks to the whole organisation for the event 40 Graus and to Dieter Wiesner for the support and donation of the Billie Jean Lyrics to the Adventure of Humanity project. I also would like to thanks the legendary football player Zico and the F1 pilot Ayrton Senna for their donations to the Humanity.

With Love & Peace to everyone who made it possible, Richard