The Mouri King Endorses joint Forces with Adventure of Humanity to save the Pacific Oceans

The Maori King Endorses Joint Forces with Humanitarian
Organisations to Save The Oceans – The Maori King Endorses
Joint Forces With ‘Humanitarian Trade & Development’ And
‘Adventure of Humanity’ Founded in 1999 by Michael Jackson
in support of Nelson Mandela’s Children Fund.

The ‘Adventure of Humanity’ has the full support of the Royal
House of Mandela and the Family of Michael Jackson, who
have given their full Support to the Pacific Ocean Nations Call
to Heal the World.

Adventure of Humanity President Richard Nilsson and Torbjorn Jorgensen from Humanitarian Trade & Development, confirmed support for Guardians of the Pacific in hosting an A list of VIP attendees at his Cannes Villa-Oxygene to Launch ‘Guardians of the Pacific – Moana Pacifica‘.

Richard Nilsson says “We are here to announce a collaboration around the preservation of the Pacific Ocean (Te Moananui a Kiwa ) starting today with the goal to educate, exhibit and tell the stories of the ancestors of the Pacific Ocean and their journey, to create awareness and find solutions for sustainability against the many problems we are facing across the Pacific Ocean today, much needed work to be done for our future generations“.

”Moana Pacifica Kaitiaki” or Guardians of the Pacific has the goal of bringing about a collective movement of indigenous Pacific tribes. The mission is to protect the oceans in the face of our planet’s most critical issues of climate change and ocean degradation. One of the ways is through a touring and immersive project called the Moana Pacifica International Exhibition which presents a cultural and enlightening story of the Pacific
Ocean to the world.

I am the Ocean, the Ocean is me.
The Guardians of the Pacific tells the indigenous story of the People, the Islands, and the ocean animals in a call for preservation. It allows the Pacific People’s voices to be heard as a united voice in the global climate change conversation, especially concerning the degraded state of the Pacific Ocean. Today Pacific Peoples are the most affected by climate change as they lose their homes, their freshwater, their food, their land, their culture, their heritage, and their lives. The Pacific Nations are developing and isolated, with limited resources to adapt and prevent environmental threats brought on by greenhouse gas emissions, rising temperatures, and Ocean degradation. Yet only 0.03 percent of greenhouse gas is emitted from the entire Pacific region.

Together we stand
To help spread the call-to-action throughout the world, Guardians of the Pacific met other organisations and decided to accept joint forces with two organisations sharing the same concern – Humanitarian Trade & Development and Adventure of Humanity. The Maori King of Aotearoa New Zealand – Kiingi Tuheitia Pootatau Te Wherowhero VII, endorsed the collaboration and the parties decided to seal the deal at a ceremony held at Villa-Oxygene, a world-class VIP Event celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Film Festival in Cannes, France.

The Taonga and the announcement
On the night of May 22, 2022, the organisations Humanitarian Trade & Development, represented by Torbjorn Jorgensen and Andreas Söbbing, Adventure of Humanity, represented by Richard Nilsson, and celebrity actress and singer Iulia Vântur from India received The Taonga (the precious gift). It is a Mother of Pearl Shell retrieved from Manahiki Island in the Cook Islands with an ocean depth of 4.000 meters. The four shells are inscribed with the Manawa of the Maori King (The Kings Seal) and have carved inscriptions symbolising the journey we are on. The inscription reads: ”Ruia te Kakano, Kia Puawai Tatou. Sow the Seeds of Unity so we can Blossom Together.” It’s the first time in history and the Taonga signifies a commitment as Protectors and Guardians of the Pacific Ocean.


The work ahead and ambassadorship

– We are delighted to have the full support of Kiingi Tuheitia in this important work as we begin to bring all of the Pacific People’s voices on this journey to showcase our needs to the world. Our King is very passionate about the Ocean’s condition and the issues impacting on all of our Pacific Peoples that are spread across the ocean our ancestors travelled, says Greg Miller.

Greg Miller, as the Representative of Kiingi Tuheitia Pootatau Te Wherowhero VII, the Maori King of Aotearoa New Zealand, and his wife Sela Miller, a member of the Makea Royal Family and descendant of the last Cook Islands King Makea Pori Te Pou solemnly delivered the gifts. In turn, the two organisations honoured Greg, Sela and Iulia as special Ambassadors.

“Humanitarian Trade and Development” believes in solution-driven initiatives to make the world a better place. They pay special attention to countries with the greatest needs, helping them build resilience, promote equality and ensure prosperity for all.

The Adventure of Humanity Project continues to carry the message from the two legends, Michael Jackson and Nelson Mandela, and continue to spread Love, Peace, Unity, Equality, Friendship, and Happiness among all humankind. Today also with support from the family of Tara Gandhi, the Granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi, and His Holiness the Dali Lama. The organisation is connecting world personalities who choose to lend their
support to the Adventure of Humanity projects, to raise funds for global peace.

Iulia Vântur is a high profile celebrity. She was born and raised in Romania where she become a top TV host and a media celebrity. For a few years now, she lives in India where she became an actress and singer in Bollywood. She is a household name in these regions and a celebrated A-class celebrity. Her latest involvement was ”Main Chala” featuring Salman Khan, Pragya Jaiswa, Guru Randhawa, and Iulia Vântur.

The ceremony was held at Villa Oxygene 22 May 2022 at a VIP Event for the 75th Anniversary of the Film Festival in Cannes, France.

For more information please contact: Greg Miller

Facebook: Guardians of the Pacific Ocean