Adventure Of Humanity

The Adventure of Humanity Project was started by Michael Jackson and Nelson Mandela in 1999. Michael Jackson held two concerts, one in Seoul and one in Munich, where the proceeds were donated to Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, The Red Cross and UNESCO.

“What More Can I Give? On behalf of us all, I urge everyone to give what they can during these Concerts to help this charities continue their Life-giving work. My Thanks again to President Nelson Mandela for allowing his residence to make this announcement. I love you” / Michael Jackson

“This is an immense honor for me today to announce this project next to a man whose extraordinary courage and dignity has lit up the twentieth century in such a manner that he truly is an example to us all.” /Michael Jackson

The Legacy Lives On

After the two legends passed away, Richard Nilsson was in 2015 endorsed by Katherine and Joe Jackson (creator of the First Music Family in the World and father to his beloved son Michael Jackson) and HrH Chief Mandela (grandson and hier to the legendary President Nelson Mandela), to continue the Adventure of Humanity Project on behalf of the two families.

Today the Adventure of Humanity is connecting world personalities who choose to lend their support to the Adventure of Humanity Project, in order to raise funds for global peace and donate to existing charity organisations in order for them to continue their humanitarian work. In the same time, The Adventure of Humanity Project continues to carry the message from the two legends , Michael Jackson and Nelson Mandela, and to spread the message of Love, Peace, Unity, Equality, Friendship and Happiness between all humankind.